Richard Riggio and Sons, Inc. is a full-service general contractor located in Ivoryton, Connecticut offering the guarantee of a skilled project management team. We adapt to changes within the construction industry to maintain a high level of performance on each project based upon quality and control.

Richard Riggio and Sons, Inc. provides all of the material, labor, and heavy equipment necessary for the construction of a project. We are responsible for hiring specialized subcontractors to perform all or portions of the construction work. We are capable of doing everything from heavy excavation, demolition, trucking, steel fabrication; carpentry from framing to fine cabinetry and finish work, and even applying the actual paint or finish with our own painters.

It is our goal to service our clients professionally and as expediently as possible. We have developed relationships with them that encourage trust in our ability to perform. For those reasons, we have always maintained our own crews. Many employees have worked with our company over 20 years, and can be depended upon to perform at critical times.




Richard Riggio started this building company in 1952. His first job was constructing a garage. As time went on, he became involved in new home construction and remodeling, still the mainstay of the company today. He was at the helm of the business for 25 years, before entering politics as first selectman of the town of Essex, a position he held for 8 years.

Gary and Paul Riggio, after growing up working for their father through high school, left for a while. Gary went to Quinnipiac College and Paul went to work for General Dynamics. Around 1974, both men came back to work full time as working foremen in charge of running crews on particular jobs. In 1977, they took on the entire running of the construction company, which at that point had approximately 12 employees, a few small pieces of equipment, trucks, and a small shop behind their parents’ house.

The business stayed in the same location for a number of years until it outgrew the space, with too many pieces of equipment and not enough room to move in the shop and office area. At this point, Gary and Paul bought land at the present location on Pond Meadow Road in Ivoryton, CT, and built a new facility where 13,000 sq. ft. of office, shop and storage area are now occupied by over 30 employees.

The financial stability of the company has not only been proven over its many years of business, but truly was put to the test in the late 80’s and early 90’s when Connecticut went through a long a deep recession. Many long time contractors could not weather the storm and are gone forever. During this time, Riggio and Sons’ employees never lost any time and there were no layoffs. Admittedly, it was not easy for any business, but the ones who survived are stronger today because of it. Our service to our long time customers helped us through this period.

We hope that this background will help you in making your decision. We are very willing to answer any questions and supply you with references. Thank you for your consideration.